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Our objective is to provide educational training that offers helpful information and resources.  When credit tools and strategies are consistently applied, it will cause a financial improvement with outcomes resulting in moving you to a financially healthy, wealthy position.

We use old-school techniques, specialized knowledge, up-to-date and current researched resources to help consumers move their “financial needle” from being poor > paycheck to paycheck existing > prosperity and financially healthy living.

We are concerned about your financial well-being and want to help you resolve your money challenges, changing your family tree for generations to come. Help is available, without shame, judgement and embarrassment!  You are not alone!

Let us show you a “New Way.”

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Financial Coaching for Individuals

Together, in our individual coaching session, we will embark on an in-depth exploration and discovery process of your underlying beliefs, behaviors, emotions, and thought patterns around money. You and I will work together to make the financial changes you desire and lead you to a more prosperous, fulfilling life.

Your coaching sessions can be held effectively in person, by phone or through Zoom video conferencing. 

Financial Coaching Entrepreneurs 

During your discovery call, we will take the time to get to know you and your business dreams and goals. We will then put together a personalized coaching plan that will help you get started on the right track financially.  This plan will include advice on everything from setting up your bookkeeping to applying for loans and lines of credit.  With our help, you'll be able to hit the ground running and build a successful business. 

Financial Coaching for Small Corporate Groups

Looking to experience Financial Coaching in a group setting?  New Way Financial of Florida is for you!

With group financial coaching, you can expect a confidential, judgment-free, and motivating environment. 

Our financial group coaching can be held effectively through Zoom video conferencing or in person. The ideal group size is 4-8 members. 

Corporate Financial Coaching

Feel completely overwhelmed and confused by your business finances?  New Way Financial of Florida will help your business gain full clarity on your finances and simplify where your money needs to go so that you can focus on the parts of your business that you love. 

Our financial group coaching can be held effectively through Zoom video conferencing or in person (your site).

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