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Credit  & Debt Resources

Is there a specific topic you’d like to learn more about? Please browse our resources. Everything you see here has been put together by finance industry professionals. Get in touch with any questions.


Having difficulties paying rent, mortgage and/or utilities? 

Call for available appointments with these social services:  (211/United Way)

Catholic Charities, Mercy Support Services, Downtown Ecumenical Services Council, Jewish Family Services, Northeast Florida Community Action Agency (NEFCAA), your mortgage company. 

Contact us for more.


Debt Resources

Here are some of debt focused sites, apps, and tools. We will be adding more tools and good sites as we come across them. There are many!

Resource Links


Credit Score Resources

Credit Scores are important; not just for borrowing money as most people think. 

Here are some free resources to assist in keeping you abreast of your credit score while you work on getting out of debt. 

Please read the fine print before subscribing.

Resource Links

Credit Score Improvement Resources

* Order anything valued $100 or more 

* Only pay 50% down

* You will receive up to $5,000 in Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit
*One hard inquiry from Experian- cannot dispute hard inquiry later

*Reports to all 3 Bureaus

*This service is a comprehensive Credit and Management program that enables you to better manage your finances.

*Provides an in-depth snapshot of various types of credit scores to see where you stand in comparison to the national average.

*See how your scores change over time to get a better understanding.

* Receive tips on how to BOOST your score.

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