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Monster Sounds Label Sampler 2 Torrent

I was excited when I saw the legend 'Sampler' on the FA08, but this feeling turned to bemusement when I investigated further. Before sampling, you have to allocate a bank (1 to 4) and pad (1 to 16) to which the sound will be saved. Having done so, you can sample from the analogue and USB audio inputs as well as any on-board keyboard performances (so far, so good) with auto-triggering (also good) in mono or stereo (better), and even import existing WAV, AIFF and MP3 files as samples. Once on-board, you can then truncate these and loop them and then... umm, well... nothing. You can play a sample from the pad to which you saved it, and perform housekeeping tasks such as moving, copying and renaming samples, but you can't use a sample as the basis of a sound mapped across the keyboard. As for things such as multisampling, filtering, and otherwise shaping the sounds... forget it. The FA08 may be ideal for DJs who punch buttons to fire one-shot samples, and it will be superb for Pink Floyd tributes that need to trigger the sounds of cash registers, barking dogs and Irish doormen. But, while it's great fun, it isn't a workstation sampler in the conventional sense.

Monster Sounds Label Sampler 2 Torrent

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