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Additionally, Songs of conquest also has multiplayer options for both local and online play, allowing you to have some friendly competition with friends and the community as a whole. There are also the scenario and map editor tools that give you the freedom to create your own challenges with nearly all the same tools as the developers.


Players can rule as mighty rulers that are ruthless in the military conquest of their world in their hunt for treasure and artifacts, or that use the power of magic to win their wars for them, or whatever else players choose.

Mad Scientist Marni's latest invention is already making waves, literally. Introducing, the "Marniwave!"The Marniwave is our answer to all the feedback we received requesting for music to listen to while mounted. Now Adventurers will be able to turn on the Marniwave while riding most mounts (including ships) and choose from a variety of music to best match your tastes. You can also set the Marniwave to turn on automatically each time you mount up as well. The music channels of the Marniwave include Adventurer-favorite "horse music" along with several new additions. We plan on adding more and more songs to these channels in future updates.

Songs of Conquest is the soon-to-be early access strategy/RPG hybrid that will make its debut on May 10th. Set in a deeply magical fantasy world with an emphasis on empire-building and careful planning, the game melds numerous gameplay styles common to the genre. In so doing, players are given many options to approach the conquest of the world across different factions, landscapes, and stories. 041b061a72


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