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How To Restart Farmville 2 On Facebook

  • FarmVille 2: Country Escape....Restart your app by force-closing it:Press your Home button twice quickly.

  • All your open apps will be displayed. Swipe left or right to locate your app.

  • Swipe up the app's preview image.

  • Return to the Home screen and restart the Game app.

How To Restart Farmville 2 On Facebook

A simple solution here is to use a different Facebook account to play the game from the beginning. You can even create a separate Facebook account dedicated to gaming. To restart your game, add it in your new Facebook account and start playing.

I used a facebook account to sign in a game on my iphone ( the game is "top eleven"). Now I want to change the account and use another one because I have more friends in 2nd account.Already used 2nd account's username and password in setting but didn't work, even deleted facebook app and installed it again and signed in with 2nd one but when I open the game it runs with 1st can I solve this problem ?thanks

again sorry for the long wait on the reply. if you install a fresh copy of the game onto an device and log into your facebook account you can recover your progress. What will happen is this. First, Log into facebook on your device. Install Farmville CE.

The game will revert to lvl 1 and make you go through the first 3 levels before you are able to select the "connect to facebook" in the settings window. It will either update once you connect to facebook, or require that you exit FV and restart it to connect to your game connected to your facebook account.

I wanna play farmville2 ut i m unable to play plz help i m playing farm ville.2 country escape but i wanna play farmville .2 also i log in severak times with zynga online app but no result yet it syop or shows face book butbuwanna play without facebook on zynga app plz help

Other causes, such as the discontinuation of legacy functionality (flash player) and the emergence of mobile games, have also contributed to the facebook Games Not Working. Because of the declining popularity of Facebook Games, Facebook has abandoned support and maintenance for Facebook Games.


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