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Head Full Of Honey

The acting in the film is impressive. Each character covered the full range of delight, frustration, fear and sorrow that comes with having a family member like Amadeus. They also made for a convincing family. The connection between the actors playing Tilde and Amadeus struck me as especially beautiful and authentic.

Head Full of Honey


"Tell me again how you met Grandma!" Warner Bros has unveiled the first trailer for the new Alzheimer's drama titled Head Full of Honey, formerly known as Honey in the Head. This film is another English language remake (in addition to Cold Pursuit with Liam Neeson) that is directed by the same director who made the original "foreign" film. World famous German actor Til Schweiger directed the original movie, Head Full of Honey, in 2014 and also directs this one, produced by Warner Bros as a big Hollywood feel-good feature. Head Full of Honey stars Nick Nolte as a man suffering from Alzheimer's who embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter, played by Sophie Lane Nolte. The full cast includes Matt Dillon, Emily Mortimer, Jacqueline Bisset, and Eric Roberts. This looks as intensely emotional as expected. 041b061a72


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