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Final Fantasy I - VI Pixel Remaster

"Classic "FINAL FANTASY" titles have been reborn through vivid 2D pixel graphics and the beautifully rearranged soundtrack. Gameplay is improved with modernized UI, and extras such as a bestiary, illustration gallery and music player allow further immersion into the world of the game. These games are newly developed remaster editions based on the original titles. Some of the changes and additional elements found in other remakes of these games are not included"

Final Fantasy I - VI Pixel Remaster

Oh wow, I didn't know these existed, but this is great news. I really enjoyed Final Fantasy III on DS, but I reckon pixel remasters would be the best way to play them. They sound like more my cup of tea, anyway. They do sound expensive at the moment, but they should be a good buy when they're the right price.

Considering that these remasters don't add anything of note outside of updated graphics and sound, there really isn't anything worth noting here, especially since there are other editions out there that aren't this bare bones. I get these are just the pixel remasters, but the bonus content added to 1 & 2 in previous editions, IV the After years, and even some of the added job classes to V would have been more than welcomed. I can't justify the price for a bare bones collection. The only one I'll probably grab is 3 simply because this is the only way to play it in classic 2D that isn't pirated.

Not to defend Square Enix, but $12-$25 a game is not totally unreasonable when you remember that they're remastered editions with redrawn pixel art (not cheap) and each game is roughly 28-40 hours to complete. That and when you consider the rubbish Chrono Trigger PC port is $20 and Chrono Cross goes for about the same price ($25). It's not outlandish to assume a proper remaster for modern screens with new pixel art is not unreasonable what they're asking for.

@gaga64 I would definitely recommend these pixel remasters even if you already own them in various ways. All the music has been orchestrated, which even as a chip tune purist myself, it really really sounds good and fits. QOL stuff has been added like minimaps, diagonal movement, better battle menus, etc. The graphics are true to the originals, and yet they've really jazzed them up with better animations and particle effects. Plus, they've really stepped it up with certain "cinema scenes." Like the Leviathan attacking the ship part in IV has so much more epicness to it, and they legit added actual singing to the opera scene in VI.

I've got a SNES classic mini so I can just put the original ROMs on that if I want to play them no interest whatsoever with final fantasy though shame classic games I actually care about aren't being ported to current consoles

The spritework appears to be partially based on the art featured in FF DOT: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy, a 2018 art book that featured re-imagined sprites from many titles in the series.[3] All six titles' character pixel art have been fully remastered from their original versions by pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya who has worked on the Final Fantasy series since the first game.[4] The remasters do not include some previous Easter eggs, nor do they include any of the bonus dungeons and features introduced in the Game Boy Advance ports and further releases based on those.[5] Each release features a remastered musical score supervised by the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu, as well as additional adjustments taken from previous versions. Several prominent bugs and glitches from the original titles have also been resolved.

Pixel remasters seem great. My biggest nitpick with the pixel remasters is that there's no option to play with the original soundtracks. The orchestral soundtracks are great, but I miss the chiptunes at times, especially with the chiptune banjo overworld music in FFVI. For as nostalgia focused as they seem, there should be an option to play with the original music.

I've written about a bunch of Final Fantasy's pixel remasters over the past year, and each time there are people in the comments saying that Final Fantasy VI is the best, they can't wait for Final Fantasy VI, why isn't Final Fantasy VI being remastered yet...

All of the classic 2D Final Fantasy games were previously available on Steam, but only as ports of the mobile versions which did horrible things to the original game's pixel art. They were pulled from Steam last year, and remasters which perfectly maintain the original pixel art have been rolling out ever since.

Alongside the pixel art polish, the remaster has a rearranged soundtrack overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu, a modern UI, and auto-battle options. Final Fantasy VI's release will mean all the original games are now available on Steam, including as part of a bundle.

SQUARE ENIX today announced that the highly anticipated sixth release in the FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series, FINAL FANTASY VI, is now available for Steam and mobile platforms in North America. Fans can embark on an enhanced journey in the timeless classic RPG with completely new graphics and audio as a 2D pixel remaster.

For the first time, FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster will also introduce the beloved opera scene in reimagined majesty, including new vocals and animation. Fans can now enjoy the iconic scene with vocals in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Korean.*

Final Fantasy VI, the latest addition to the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series, is now available on Steam and mobile devices. Embark on a journey in the classic JRPG, completely enhanced with new graphics and audio. Additionally, all six games in the pixel remaster series are available to purchase as a bundle.

Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster reintroduces the especially beloved opera scene with new vocals and animation. Fans can now experience the scene with vocals in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Korean. The vocal language of the scene varies based on the selected language on the configuration menu. If you select an unsupported language, the vocals default to English or Japanese.

Earlier today on the Steam page for the Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster, a handful of new details about the game were released. This title is the final release of the pixel remaster line which began in July of this year. The most recent release was Final Fantasy V on Nov. 10.

The developers have been bringing the original Final Fantasy games to life "with completely new graphics and audio in 2D pixel remaster series". Beginning from July 2021, these titles have been released one after the other for countless players to jump into. They are available across multiple platforms like Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

The additional time taken by the developers to properly craft the game is a good thing because that means players will get a much more polished product to experience. The FFVI pixel remaster will be joining the other five that have already been released. 041b061a72


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